Technical Advise, Strategy & Design,
Supplying Compliant Technologies.

Pipeline Supplies Australia’s organised and meticulous staff allow for a structured and adaptable team that reflects the ever-changing demands of the fire protection market.

Every project has specific requirements and we consider every element, from the very beginning in a consultative approach and provide our clients with an economical and practical solution for their individual needs.
We are specialists in diverse, high-risk, and mission-critical sites and are known for our efficient and cost-effective maintenance and management of essential services to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

Through our Technical, Design, Projects and Engineering Advice teams, we offer are broad range of services for all your fire protection needs.

Pipeline Supplies Australia provides high quality, expert technical advice and support, to help identify the best fire and life safety solution for your specific need.

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Our Fire Protection Process

Complete design, fabrication and installation of high quality and
compliant Fire Protection Systems.

Technical Advice

  • Strategic Planning
  • Techincal Development & Support
  • Assest & Lifecycle Strategy
  • Evacuation and Warning systems
  • Product Advise
  • Innovative Technologies

System Design

  • Supply compliant design at concept
  • Use and supply high quality product
  • Manufacture of custom fire system needs
  • On-site Training
  • All products designed and supplied to meet Australian Standards

Fabrication and Construct

  • Supply full range of pipe sizes
  • Fit for purpose - primed, painted or galvanised
  • In ground piping systems
  • Strategic planning for Civil works
  • Round the clock manufacturing capability
  • Easy on-site delivery
  • Advise Project Managers and Commissioning Team