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We empower companies to deliver projects with high quality piping product & regulatory compliance.

Experts in Pipe, Valves and Fittings Delivery.

Pipeline Supplies Australia is a specialist provider for all your Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning [HVAC], fire protection and plumbing needs. We provide professional, highly qualified technical staff to achieve improved reliability, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

With a combined pool of industry experience spanning 50 years, we support a very wide range of facilities design and supply nationwide, spanning a broad range of commercial, residential and industrial construction, including projects such as Australia 108, CSL Aurora, Olderfleet Building and Melbourne Square.

Many of our long-term customers reflect Pipeline Supplies Australia consistent high level of performance and high quality outcomes.


In-house design capabilities allow us to provide an integrated supply solution for your customised technical systems in buildings, creating a single point of responsibility that ensures full compliance at a competitive price.
Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We provide direct access to industry leading specialists from Pipeline Supplies Australia advisory, covering all aspects of Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning [HVAC], Fire Protection, and Plumbing services.



Complicated design scenarios require intelligent solutions that can be built to suit your specific needs. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities ensure you get the right solution built to all relevant standards.


Pipeline Supplies Australia carry local stock, from a huge range of reputable brands, so we can be certain our well-trained personnel and strong reporting processes assure the delivery of your project on time, in full.


Solutions for Every Industry

Commercial projects, from large to small.

Industry type : Commercial

Huge range of quality products from national and international suppliers, kept in stock locally and backed with a great combination of industry experience and customer service to make sure your needs are met, quickly and easily.

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Experience, expertise in a wide range of industries.

Industry type: Industrial

Working in any industrial sector that moves gasses and liquids, we have helped deliver projects in a huge range of industrial facilities such as paper mills, water treatment facilities and power generation plants.

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Supply fire protection for residential apartments.

Industry type: Residential

Pipeline Supplies’ partners with many fire protection operators within the residential apartment sphere. Supplying the full package of fabrication, sprinkler heads, valves and grooved/threaded fittings.

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